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Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with many, many wedding coordinators and as a couple have stood out in our mind as doing a great job, Heidi at “I DO” Details has made a lasting impression on us as simply fabulous.

"I DO" Details coordinator looking at list on her cell phone while talking to MC who is looking at his list on paper. Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Heidi coordinating with the MC
Iron Valley Golf Course sign with reception pavilion lit up in the background. Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Reception at Iron Valley Golf Course outdoor pavillion

We worked with Heidi a couple of times last year and then had the privilege to reconnect a couple of weeks ago at a wedding we photographed at Iron Valley Golf Course. She is incredibly skilled at getting everything to look amazing, taking care of all the vendors, keeping everyone at ease – guests and wedding party alike – keeping things running smooth and on time and doing it all with hardly being noticed.

At wedding’s where there is not a coordinator, the job normally lands on us. We are very willing and able to help in that area but it does make our job of capturing all of those moments, a harder task to accomplish. So we are so thankful when we can work alongside a skilled coordinator.

I asked Heidi if she would be willing to answer some questions for a blog post and she was happy to do so.

"I DO" Details coordinator holding a bouquet of flowers and walking away wearing a tan backpack. Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Heidi taking care of all of the details
"I DO" Details Coordinator fixing bride's train as she is waiting to walk with her father down the isle.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Getting the bride ready to go down the isle
Lit up outdoor pavilion at Iron Valley Golf Course.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Reception at Iron Valley Golf Course
"I DO" Details coordinator holding a mirror that has the order of the reception events written on it. You can see her reflection in the mirror.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Moving things around during the reception to accommodate changing needs.

Heidi, How long have you had this business?   

“13 years”

What made you want to start this business?

“I honestly didn’t set out to start a business.  When my best friend was getting married 13 years ago she asked me to coordinate the wedding.  I coordinated her wedding, had a lot of fun doing so and figured it was a one time deal.  Over the next few years I had more friends and family ask me to coordinate their weddings.   Before I knew it, I had a side business.   In the last 4-5 years is when the business really grew and I began working with clients outside of my friend/family circle.”

Bridesmaid in aqua playing with the cute little curly haired flower girl while bridesmaids and "I DO" Details coordinator laugh together in the background.
Heidi in the background joking with the bridesmaids
Cupcake stand set up on a burlap tablecloth with ribbon around it and lights behind it.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Lit up platform inside an old rustic barn with chandelier hanging above the head table and lights wrapped around banisters. Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
This is where they made their vows and then everything had to be re-set up during picture time to become the head table. Things were all taken care of seamlessly.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

“This is a hard question to answer as it really depends on the couple as each one has unique and special parts of their day.  Overall my favorite part is at the end of the night when they tell me they’ve had a fun, enjoyable, all they dreamed of day (it means I’ve done my job).

Some of my other favorites are:  when the groom first sees his bride, the excitement on the couple’s face at the end of the ceremony as they walk back down the aisle, seeing the bride right after she’s gotten in the dress.”

"I DO" Details coordinator putting veil in Bride's hair while Bridesmaids watch.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Heidi is skilled in many areas as well as quick fixes on hairdoos and putting in the veil.
"I DO" Details coordinator gets ready to open the doors to outdoor wedding ceremony in Lebanon. Bridesmaids in Navy blue and escorts lining up ready to enter.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Heidi had to coordinate getting the bride to this point without being seen. She brought large golf umbrellas which the bridesmaids held in front of the bride as they walked over with her.
Wedding Ceremony outdoor at Lebanon Camp Meeting Grove.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers

What is one of your favorite memories of an event that you planned? 

“This is a hard one – I have so many great memories from the weddings and clients I’ve worked.  One of my favorite things is when clients become friends – there’s no greater blessing from this job than to gain friendships. 

But the first memory that came to my mind when I read this question is from Kevin & Alyssa’s Barn at Silverstone wedding in Oct 2017.   I was watching everyone dance and Kevin (groom) comes over to me and says “Did you see what Alyssa sewed onto my tie? It’s a piece of my mom’s sweater!”

He was so excited to show me this and it absolutely warmed my heart! Kevin’s mom passed away a number of years ago from breast cancer – but her presence was felt in many ways throughout the day – this being one of them. The guys also all wore pink socks in her honor – I love when sentimental, personal things are added to weddings.”

Smiling Groom wearing a tie with a red heart on it made from his Mom's sweater.
Groom with his Mom’s sweater on his tie.

Some advice to a bride planning her wedding?

“Hire a coordinator – haha 😉  But really – if you don’t want to be stressed on your wedding day and if you want to your family to be fully present and not worried about the details – hire a coordinator to take the stress and worry of the day off of your shoulders. 

Bonus advice – hire great vendors, this will make or break your day.  And be ahead of the planning – the more you get done early the less stress you’ll have as the wedding day approaches.”  

"I DO" Details coordinator dishing food onto plates for bride and groom.  Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers
Getting plates of food for the Bride and Groom
Wedding cake with peanut butter icing with burlap flowers on the top and whoopie pies on both sides. Taken by J & D Studio, Harrisburg Photographers

So if you are planning your big day…

We highly recommend starting with an excellent wedding coordinator like Heidi from “I DO” Details! You’ll be so happy you did!

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