Spring Wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres



This is the picture story of Becca & Ian’s enchanting spring wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres. Becca had been looking relentlessly for a nice venue for her intimate wedding. The thought came to her that she should check out Air B & B and see if anyone had a nice property that would work for their wedding and weekend stay. She found Fawn Hollow Acres and it was absolutely perfect!

The beautiful stone and rustic wood barn at Fawn Hollow Acres along with white wooden chairs and wood stumps.
Fawn Hollow Acres, Newmanstown – Barn
A tin can hanging from a white metal hook with green and white flower mix inside as a isle decoration.
Isle Decoration
Fawn Hollow Acres wedding venue and lodging in Newmanstown
The view from the balcony at the house

Not only was it a lovely property but it also has bison, elk and deer in the pasture out behind the barn and in the wooded area. When we went into the main house, we were captivated by all of the beautiful home design, furniture and awesome amenities. This is where they got ready for the big day.

Soft lighting of a bride standing at bedroom door at Fawn Hollow Acres
Beautiful Becca standing at the doorway waiting to go and see Ian for the ‘first look’
antique dresser with bride's gold shoes at fawn hollow acres
Becca did a DIY and painted her shoes with gold sparkles
huge decorative front window at Fawn Hollow Acres with bride standing in front of it looking down and to the side
Becca at the front window of the house
Groom seeing bride for the first time at their outdoor 'first look' at fawn hollow acres
Ian seeing Becca for the first time in her wedding gown
Bride and groom 'first look outdoor at wooded area at fawn hollow acres
Seeing each other for the first time in their wedding attire
groom dips back bride as they are both laughing at fawn hollow acres
Such a fun loving couple! Smiles were pretentious!
Bride and groom going in for a kiss while laughing.  Pink flowering tree in the background at fawn hollow acres
Another happy moment that just shows how much fun they have together
Spring wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres. Outdoor with stone steps and pink tree in full bloom
“Love is in the air”
Becca & Ian near wooded area with wedding party consisting of two bridesmaids in dark green and two groomsmen in grey suits. at fawn hollow acres
Friends and Family Wedding Party
black and white photo of best man fist bump with groom and maid of honor/sister and bride holding hands at fawn hollow acres
Best man fist bump with groom and maid of honor/sister and bride holding hands
wedding party standing on balcony at Fawn Hollow Acres
Looking out over the wedding site

They even took some time to have fun on the pirate ship playground with their wedding party!

Bride and Groom doing a 'titanic pose' on the Pirate ship playground at Fawn Hollow Acres
Titanic moment!
Whole wedding party on the Pirate ship playground at Fawn Hollow Acres
What a crew!
"Seating charts are not our style" chalkboard sign at the ceremony at fawn hollow acres
Loved this sign at the ceremony
chalkboard sign with couple's names and the date on it at fawn hollow acres
Father walking bride down isle at spring wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres
Here comes the Bride!
Wedding ceremony in front of rustic and stone barn at Fawn Hollow Acres
It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day
a lady taking a picture with her cell phone during the ceremony and only the cellphone screen is in focus at fawn hollow acres
This is always one of my favorite shots to get during a ceremony. It really dates the photo since our phones seem to change so often.
bride and groom putting dirt from their childhood homes in a potted tree at fawn hollow acres
They put dirt at their potted tree from their childhood homes
bride and groom watering their tree with elephant and dinosaur watering cans at fawn hollow acres
Watering their tree in classic “Becca & Ian” style
wedding rings on white roses and green succulents at fawn hollow acres
What a beautiful arrangement of white and green flowers
The living room at Fawn Hollow Acres where the Bride and Groom and wedding party spent their cocktail hour in the air conditioning!
Enjoying the air conditioning during their own private cocktail hour
Seating Chart. Chicken wire framed with little clothespins holding table numbers and names at fawn hollow acres
Table seating chart
table settings at reception at fawn hollow acres
There were beautiful hues of greens, whites and a splash of yellow and gold at every table.
A couple playing corn hole at the reception at Fawn Hollow Acres
Corn hole to play during cocktail hour and reception
Baloney, cheese and crackers on gold plates at cocktail hour
There was such a variety of foods to snack on during cocktail hour
Strawberries, cantelope, pineapple, watermelon and grapes on gold plates at cocktail hour
Fruits of all colors

After the Bride and Groom were announced into the reception, Nooner’s PIZZA TRUCK was set and ready to go! Nooner’s is a family owned business. The owner built the truck himself and his wife and family help to run the whole operation. They were so friendly and everything was fast and absolutely amazing! They even had a large tv screen on the side of their truck playing a slideshow of the bride and groom.

Nooner's Pizza Truck from Lancaster PA at fawn hollow acres
Nooner’s Pizza Truck
Nooners truck logo with family working in the blurry background at fawn hollow acres
Nooner’s Pizza Truck
two men working at the wood fired pizza oven on Nooner's Pizza truck at fawn hollow acres
It was neat to see this wood fire oven in action
Nooner's wood fire oven on their pizza truck at fawn hollow acres
The real deal
Nooner's wife cutting pizzas at fawn hollow acres
The owners wife took care of orders and cutting the pizzas
Close up of a cheese pizza with a loaded pizza blurry in the background from Nooner's pizza truck at fawn hollow acres
There were about 8 different pizzas to choose from or you could custom order one
Bride and Bridesmaid enjoying Nooner's pizza truck pizzas at fawn hollow acres
Enjoying their custom pizzas
Bride and groom having their first dance at fawn hollow acres
First dance

Their wedding planner did an amazing job! I’ve had the privilege to call this lady my friend for over 20 years. When it comes to organizing and designing events, Laura can do everything and then some. She also had her sidekick with her at this wedding, her husband Chris, who filled in as their awesome DJ and comedic relief.

wedding coordinator putting out the cupcakes at fawn hollow acres
The amazing Laura – wedding coordinator
DJ at wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres
Chris – the DJ and comedic relief

Becca being a “DIY” kinda gal, decided to make all of her own desserts for the reception. I can’t imagine how much time she spent in the kitchen during her wedding week, but it was well worth every moment. The variety seemed endless and they were beyond delicious! Yes, I might have tried every one!

Wooden cupcake stand with 4 tiers of 5 flavors of mini cupcakes at fawn hollow acres
There were at least 5 flavors of mini cupcakes
dessert bar sign and lemon and brownie bites at fawn hollow acres
Lemon and brownie bites
Chocolate covered cookie dough bites on a gold plate and glass clear jars of huge cookies at fawn hollow acres
Chocolate covered cookie dough bites and different types of huge cookies
Close up of Chocolate chip cookies in a glass jar with rustic decor in background with desserts on them at fawn hollow acres

Although I wish I could share so many more photos with you from this spring wedding at Fawn Hollow Acres, time is running away from me. Here’s the last photo of their day.

bride and groom kissing with sun setting behind them creating a starburst under their chins at fawn hollow acres

And they lived happily every after!

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