Joel & Darla Engagement

Joel & Darla met at Summer Camp and the rest is history!  Joel’s family has an evangelistic ministry called “The Wylers on Wheels” that has them travelling around the United States almost year round.  They even just came out with a new music CD.   So for the past couple of years it just so happens that, Darla has gone to Camp Tohiglo for a week to be a camp counselor, the very same week that the Wyler family is scheduled to be there.  It wasn’t love at first site although Darla admits to thinking he was a “really nice guy.”

They started dating a year ago and have been able to get together about 5 or 6 times since then whether it’s Joel coming to PA, or Darla travelling to wherever his family might be ministering.  Darla visited Joel in Florida at Thanksgiving and they took a walk on Disney’s beach and that is where they found a heart drawn in the sand and where Joel got down on one knee and asked Darla to spend forever with him.  She of course said “YES!”


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