I am working on updating my office.  This has been YEARS in the making and sorely needed! I have had this business since I was 18 and it has grown with me. So as life changed, I moved and changed my office to adapt.  That being said…. I have never taken the time to sit down and think “how would I really like my office to look?” Thanks to renaming and re-branding our business, and my employee Dolly’s help…. we have now taken the time to dream a little and make the office our ‘dream office.’  I spent a lot of time with Dolly and Joseph, looking at different studio’s and offices on the internet and compiled a bunch of photos to make an ‘inspiration board.’ Thanks to Pinterest, I didn’t have to do it the old fashioned way.

Another thing about us… We are very frugal and very DIY people, before DIY was invented!  Again, thanks to Pinterest, we don’t have to come up with all of the ideas on our own. We would rather do it ourselves than pay full price for something.   So we will be re-using as many things as possible. That being said… I also love to shop… 🙂  So I will be getting a couple of little things to make everything a little nicer!


Dolly faithfully came a couple of days in a row to prime the walls again and again as well as cover up all of the picture frame holes from the previous owner as well as myself (there were a LOT). Then she painted the green-ish blue color on the top half and we added an accent spot at the bookshelf.


I found these cute little letter blocks that light up while looking for frames at AC Moore. We covered the filing cabinets in white paint and went crazy with the paint on the old wood table and chairs.  We got rid of a huge filing cabinet and graduated to a smaller one (that also needed a coat of paint).  Now my printer can sit on my filing cabinet instead of taking up most of my desk space.

Funny thing was that while we were moving things around, I put the ‘now white’ wire holders on the side of my desk next to the printer and said to Dolly “now what can I put on these?” I know that if I couldn’t fill them now, they would get filled with other stuff that would clutter.  Then I realized that all of these years I have been getting up and going to the other side of the room for paper for the printer!!!! LOL!!! It’s now nestled RIGHT NEXT to my printer!!!!  It makes me extra happy now whenever the printer says “out of paper.”  🙂

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